Jebli Arabic

Native to Morocco
Ethnicity Jbalas, Ghomaras, Sanhajas de Srayr
Language codes
ISO 639-3 (included in ary)
Glottolog jebl1238[1]

Ethnolinguistic map of northern Morocco: purple represents Jebli-speaking areas, blue represents other pre-Hilalian Arabic-speaking areas (old Urban, Zerhoun and Sefrou area)

Jebli (Jebelia) is a pre-Hilalian Arabic dialect spoken in the mountains of the north of Morocco.

The word jebli means "of/from the mountain". It is mainly spoken in the northwest of Morocco by tribes of arab Sherifian and Morisco descent as well as (primarily) Berbers who were Arabized over the past ten centuries.

Jebli is heavily influenced by Berber; the grammar of Jebli is almost Berber while most the words are Arabic. The vocabulary is highly influenced by Spanish.

Examples of Jebli

JebliEnglish translationSame word in an other language
trawzez blue jeans trowsers (English)
assallas darkness tillas (Berber)
karretera carretera road (Spanish)
Eayel, tfelboy
stitolittle (Berber)
jjrodog (Arabic)
yemmamom (Berber)

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