Jean du Feynier

Jean du Feynier (died 1538) was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1532 to 1538.


Feynier was a French native of Bern.[1] The Dominican chapter held at Rome in 1532 elected him Master of the Order of Preachers.[1] As master, he visited Spain and the Kingdom of Portugal and then moved on to the Kingdom of France.[1] In France, he was imprisoned because: (1) he was a friend of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and (2) he refused to allow Francis I of France to impose Jeanne d'Amboise as prioress of the Dominican convent at Prouille.[1] He was released in 1538 and died a short time later.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Paolo Butigella
Master of the Order of Preachers
Succeeded by
Agostino Recuperati

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