Jean Leclant

Funeral of Jean Leclant at the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 23 September 2011

Jean Leclant (8 August 1920 – 16 September 2011) was a renowned Egyptologist who was an Honorary Professor at the College of France, Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Inscriptions and Letters of the Institut de France, and Honorary Secretary of the International Association of Egyptologists.

As part of his studies of the archeology of ancient Egyptian artifacts, Jean Leclant made major discoveries at Saqqara and undertook excavations at other archaeological sites in Ethiopia and the Sudan. An honorary member of the Humanities and the Social Sciences section of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, his work earned him numerous awards including the 1993 International Balzan Foundation Prize for Art and Archaeology of the Ancient World and the 2000 Prix mondial Cino Del Duca.



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