Jean I of Albret

Jean I of Albret
Spouse(s) Catherine de Rohan
Noble family Albret
Father Charles II of Albret
Mother Anne of Armagnac
Born 1425
Died 3 January 1468 (aged 4243)

Jean I of Albret (1425 – 3 January 1468), 15th Lord of Albret, was a Viscount of Tartas.


He was the eldest son of Charles II of Albret, Count of Dreux and of Anne of Armagnac. [1] As he predeceased his father, he never ruled Albret.

He married Catherine de Rohan (1425–1471), daughter of Alain IX de Rohan and Marguerite de Dreux, dame de Guillac.[2] They had 3 children :


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