Jean Gagé

Jean Gagé
Born 1 June 1902
Died 4 May 1986(1986-05-04) (aged 83)
Occupation Historian

Jean Gagé (1 June 1902 – 4 May 1986) was a 20th-century French historian, specialist of ancient Rome history.


From 1921 to 1924, Jean Gagé was a student at the École normale supérieure in Paris and obtained his agrégation de lettres. He was a member of the École française de Rome from 1925 until 1928, years in which he participated in excavations in Algeria. He was sent to a teaching assignment in São Paulo, where he remained during World War II. He returned to France in 1945 and settled in Strasbourg. In 1955, he defended his thesis at the Sorbonne, then was appointed a professor at the Collège de France, succeeding André Piganiol at the chair of Roman civilisation, where he taught until 1972.

Selected works

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