Jean Cazeneuve

Jean Cazeneuve
Born May 17th 1915
Ussel (Corrèze)
Died October 4th 2005

Jean Cazeneuve (1915-2005) was a French sociologist and anthropologist. Apart from being a scholar, he has been involved with Radio and TV at the executive level; from 1964 till 1974 he has been president of the French public Radio and TV agency (ORTF), after which he has been chairman of TF1, the first French national-wide channel, till 1978. He joined the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques in 1973, of which became president in 1983.

He is highly regarded for his illuminating contribution to the study the ritual clowns.[1]



  1. Makarius, Laura (1970) Ritual Clowns and Symbolical Behaviour in Diogenes, March 1970 18: 44-73. Also collected in Diogenes Issues 69-72, pp.52-3 quotation:
    Through his study of the Koyemshi, and his considerations on the "sacred," Cazeneuve has contributed to the elucidation of the problem posed by the clowns and more generally that of the violation of taboo.24 ... anthropologists have also noted that clowns break taboos, though less clearly perhaps than Cazeneuve.

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