Jayant (actor)

Jayant (15 October 1915 – 2 June 1975) (real name Zakaria Khan) was a film actor in Bombay.[1][2]

Early life

He was born in Nodeh Payan (Nawa Kali) Peshawar, British India on 15 October 1915.[3][4]


The name Jayant was given to him by director and producer Vijay Bhatt. He was tall and had a deep voice. He acted in many Indian films under his professional name in films.

Personal life

Jayant was married and his children were Amjad Khan (of Gabbar Singh fame), Inayat Khan and Imtiaz Khan.[5] He was the grandfather of Shadaab Khan, Ahlam Khan, Seemaab Khan and Ayesha Khan and father-in-law of Shaila Khan and Krutika Desai Khan (wife of Imtiaz).


He died on June 2, 1975 in India.



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