Jason Morrison (radio broadcaster)

Jason Morrison
Nationality Australian
Occupation Talkback radio broadcaster
TV personality
Spouse(s) Heidi Tiltins
Website http://www.jasonmorrison.com.au/

Jason Morrison is a conservative Australian talk radio announcer and newspaper columnist.


Jason was born in 1971 and raised in Hornsby, which is a suburb of Sydney's North. He went to St. Leo's College at Wahroonga and is Catholic. He has given little away about his family but has revealed that his father is an Engineer and his mother is a Librarian.

He trained at 2GB in a journalism cadetship programme in 1990 and later qualified at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

Morrison has spoken of working for Dick Smith Electronics in a number of stores[1] as a salesman while working in radio to boost his income. He has often spoken of how poorly radio companies paid many newcomers.

He studied Electrical Engineering and Law at University but did not complete the degree.[2]



Jason's media career started with 2GB in 1989 at the age of 17 as a newsroom cadet and has since covered news stories and events in all parts of the country and around the world. In 1998, Jason was appointed Director of News at 2GB and remains the youngest person to have ever held that position.

Between 2008 and 2010, Morrison presented the Drivetime afternoon shift where he consistently held 2nd place in the market but never broke to number one. He was the regular alternate for Alan Jones for several years and during an extended stint in Jones' breakfast shift actually out-rated him. Morrison told the Sydney Morning Herald at the time "it was luck and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves". Jones later remarked "I'm not surprised, Jason is hugely talented and one day I won't be here so it's in good hands".[3]

In December 2010, Morrison announced that he would be leaving his position at 2GB as host of Drive and move to rival 2UE. It is believed he had a falling out with fellow announcer Ray Hadley which Morrison denied, "Ray is just being competitive about me leaving. What do you expect him to say, tune in and listen to him. We actually got on fine".[4]

In December 2013, 2GB and Morrison won one of the longest running defamation defences in the Australian media against Islamic identity Keysar Trad.[5] The case ran for 9 years and went through four appeals to the High Court of Australia. Morrison had accused Trad of being a "dangerous and disgraceful" individual over comments he made blaming 2GB for inspiring the 2005 Cronulla riots.[6] 2GB defended Morrison even though he left the station to work at a rival. It is believed the case cost 2GB over $4 million is legal fees[7] which they recovered with a court order.


After three years at 2UE, Jason's contract was terminated at the end of 2013, after allegedly being told his conservative views and style did not fit with the future ideological direction of the Fairfax Media owned radio station. The decision was considered a shock [8] and prompted wide discussion in the media,[9] including by direct rival Ben Fordham who said "2UE has rocks in their heads for getting rid of Morrison".[10] Fordham immediately offered Morrison a segment on his show which he accepted.

It was reported Morrison was sanctioned for criticising the board of Fairfax for refusing to allow Gina Rinehart to take up a board position, even though she was the largest single shareholder.[11] The remarks reportedly resulted in legal action against Morrison which was later dropped.

It was reported [12] Morrison fell out with 2UE management after siding with controversial announcer Michael Smith who left the station after being prevented from broadcasting allegations about Julia Gillard's associations with the Australian Workers Union.[13]


Morrison was newsroom chief of staff at the Network TEN Sydney newsroom for five years from 2000. He was promoted to Editor but left a year later to return to radio.

He regularly appears in short opinion slots of various national morning television shows including Sunrise. He is a regular panelist on Paul Murray Live on Sky News Live.


In 2014, Morrison began working as an advisor to Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart.[14] Morrison attempted to gain pre-selection to run as a Liberal Party candidate for the safe seat of Ku-ring-gai ahead of the 2015 NSW state election, but was unsuccessful.[15]


Wins long running defamation case

In 2005 while broadcasting on 2GB, Morrison described Sydney Islamic activist Keysar Trad as a "gutless and a disgraceful and dangerous individual who incited racism and violence".[16] Trad for defamation. Morrison and 2GB stood by the remarks. Morrison further described Trad as "typical of people who run around smearing others and the moment they are criticised, run to the courts".[17] The case was won by Morrison and 2GB [18] and described in the media as Australia's longest running defamation case after it went to the NSW Supreme Court,[19] The NSW Court of Appeal,[20] and the High Court of Australia.[21] Trad was ordered to pay more than $500,000 in costs [22]

Al Jazeera

In 2015, Morrison made international news when he told a leading British Islamic scholar he was "unfit for civilised society. You are uncivilised" [23] during a televised debate on Al Jazeera. The exchange took place during a debate about freedom of the press following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine. Morrison argued that people who thought the publishers had brought the attack on themselves: "So, please, spare me the justification garbarge for these terrorists being upset and just responding to provocation. If you think they were even slightly justified for killing people who drew some pictures, then I'm afraid you are over in their column." [24]


In 2007, Morrison received the Brian White Memorial award recognising sustained journalistic achievement. In 2009 he received the same award, the only time it has been awarded to the same person twice.[25][26]

Personal life

Morrison is married to Heidi and lives in Carlingford NSW. They have two children Charles and Oliver.[27]

He joined the staff of the Sydney Daily Telegraph in December 2013 as a columnist. Morrison is a contributor to New Zealand Radio station Radio Live

He is a founding director of medical charity Biaggio Signorelli Foundation.[28]

He is good friends with TV and Radio host Paul Murray who he often calls his "little brother with a beard" and radio host Clive Robertson.

He holds an Amateur Radio licence and has built the studios of two community radio stations as a hobby.[29]


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