Japan Animator Expo

Japan Animator Expo

The logo for Japan Animator Expo
(Nihon Animētā Mihon'ichi)
Original net animation
Directed by Various
Produced by Hideaki Anno
Studio Studio Khara
Trigger (ep 9, 11, 14)
Graphinica (ep 10)
Studio Rikka (ep 11)
Sola Digital Arts (ep 12)
Steven Steven (ep 12)
Studio Colorido (ep 27)
Released November 7, 2014 October 9, 2015
Episodes 35

Japan Animator Expo or Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition (日本アニメ(ーター)見本市 Nihon Animētā Mihon'ichi) is a weekly series of original net animations released as part of a collaboration between Hideaki Anno's Studio Khara and Dwango, consisting of various anime shorts produced by many directors. The project began release from November 7, 2014 and is streamed worldwide on Niconico.


The project was first announced by Hideaki Anno at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The project is designed to offer new animators more exposure to a worldwide audience.[1] The project's logo was designed by Hayao Miyazaki.[2]


No. Title Director Original airdate
1 "The Dragon Dentist"
"Ryū no Haisha" (龍の歯医者) 
Ōtarō MaijōNovember 7, 2014[3]
A young girl takes up the dangerous task of brushing the teeth of dragons. 
2 "HILL CLIMB GIRL"  Azuma TaniNovember 14, 2014[4]
Hinako, a cycling fanatic, challenges another boy to a bicycle race. 
3 "ME!ME!ME!"  Hibiki YoshizakiNovember 21, 2014[5]
Music video for the song of the same name, by Teddyloid ft. daoko. 
4 "Carnage"  Akira HonmaNovember 28, 2014[6]
A one-armed woman with a dark past seeks revenge against a certain man. 
5 "Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano: Collection of Key Animation Films from Mobile Suit Gundam"
"Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Itano Ichirō Gensatsu-shū" (安彦良和・板野一郎原撮集) 
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro ItanoDecember 5, 2014[7]
A comparison between key frames & finished animation of various scenes from episodes 1, 13, 17, 22 & movies of Mobile Suit Gundam animated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Ichiro Itano. 
6 "20min Walk From Nishi-Ogikubo Station, 2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 2mos Deposit, No Pets Allowed."
"Nishi-Ogikubo-eki Toho 20-bu, 2 LDK, Shikirei 2 Kagetsu, Petto-fuka" (西荻窪駅徒歩20分2LDK敷礼2ヶ月ペット不可) 
Mahiro Maeda & Takeshi HondaDecember 12, 2014[8]
A girl finds herself in the middle of a room shrunk to the size of a bug. 
7 "until You come to me."  Tadashi HiramatsuDecember 19, 2014[9]
A short which allegedly takes place after the events of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. 
8 "Tomorrow From There."
"Sokokara no Ashita." (そこからの明日。) 
Akemi HayashiJanuary 9, 2015[10]
9 "Electronic Superhuman Gridman: boys invent great hero"
"Denkō Chōjin Guriddoman boys invent great hero" (電光超人グリッドマン boys invent great hero) 
Akira Amemiya (Trigger)January 16, 2015[11]
A young man receives the power to transform into the superhero Gridman Sigma to fight against evil. 
10 "Yamadeloid"
"Yamaderoido" (ヤマデロイド) 
Takashi Horiuchi & Masahiro Emoto (Graphnica)January 23, 2015[12]
I will sing with all my heart. 
11 "POWER PLANT No.33"  Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Studio Rikka, Trigger)January 30, 2015[13]
12 "Evangelion:Another Impact"  Shinji Aramaki (Sola Digital Arts, Steven Steven)February 6, 2015[14]
The story of the activation of another Evangelion mech. 
13 "Kanón"  Mahiro MaedaMarch 13, 2015[15]
A short based on the Karel Čapek novel Adam Stvořitel. 
14 "Sex&VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED"  Hiroyuki Imaishi (Trigger)March 20, 2015[16]
A shark detective named Machspeed, his sex doll Sex, and his monkey henchman Violence deal with an unusual client. Features music from independent electronic music label "Attack the Music". 
15 "Obake-chan" (おばけちゃん) Shigeto KoyamaMarch 27, 2015[17]
There's a ghost. 
16 "Tokio of the Moon's Shadow"
"Tsukikage no Tokio" (月影のトキオ) 
Mizuno TakanobuApril 6, 2015[18]
The Earth is a popular tourist resort, but will soon be invaded by brutal aliens. Tokio, one of eight guardians of the solar system, becomes familiar with a blind girl Setsuko through ham radio and comes to love her.[18] 
17 "Three Fallen Witnesses"
"Sanbon no Shōgensha" (三本の証言者) 
Satoru UtsunomiyaApril 13, 2015[19]
Various witnesses are called in, but their reliability is doubted. 
18 "The Diary of Ochibi"
"Ochibi-san" (オチビサン) 
Masashi KawamuraApril 20, 2015[20]
A journey during the four seasons with Ochibi. Crowdfunded by Kawamura and based on Moyoco Anno's manga of the same name. 
19 "I can Friday by day!"  Kazuya TsurumakiMay 4, 2015[21]
A schoolgirl is also a war vessel piloted by tiny animals. 
20A "ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC feat.daoko/Teddyloid"  Hibiki YoshizakiMay 1, 2015 [22]
A music video for a remix of "ME!ME!ME!". 
20B "(Making of)evangelion: Another Impact"  Masaru Matsumoto (technical/editor)May 1, 2015[22]
A look at the creation of Evangelion: Another Impact. 
21 "Iconic Field"
"Gūzō Seniki" (偶像戦域) 
Ikuto YamashitaMay 11, 2015[23]
People of a star similar to Earth's built civilizations on the ground of various places, like our world. They were led to the global war by evolving forces of science. But in this star, there is a secret that even residents don't know. 
22 "On a Gloomy Night"
"Ibuseki Yoruni" (イブセキヨルニ) 
Tadashi HiramatsuMay 15, 2015[24]
A revolutionary new prime minister liberates Japan and carries out policies he promised to the voters of Japan. Hiramatsu personally approved the English subtitles used on the project's website. 
23 "Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen"
"Bikachō Shinshi Kaikoroku" (鼻下長紳士回顧録) 
Moyoco Anno & AЯTRA entertainmentMay 18, 2015[25]
An adaptation of Moyoco Anno's manga of the same name. 
24 "Rapid Rouge"
"Shinsoku no Rouge" (神速のRouge) 
Daisuke OnitsukaMay 29, 2015[26]
Revolutionaries from the Yatsushima nation try to rescue their surrendered master. 
25 "Hammerhead"
"Hanmāheddo" (ハンマーヘッド) 
Ōtarō Maijō & Mahiro MaedaJuly 25, 2015 (theatrical)[27]
July 31, 2015 (online)[28]
"HAMMER HIM DEAD." I beg you, please hit, crush, and kill him.
Notes: Originally announced as part of the second season lineup; taken out of the theatrical exhibition lineup after online release. 
26 "COMEDY SKIT 1989" Conte (Hitman) 1989
"Konto (Koroshiya) 1989" (コント(ころしや)1989) 
Kazuto NakazawaJuly 25, 2015 (theatrical)[27]
August 7, 2015 (online)[29]
Homage to the comedy skit of Showa era.
Notes: Originally announced as part of the second season lineup, under the title "2 of killers of 2". 
27 "Bubu & Bubulina"
"Bubu to Buburīna" (ブブとブブリーナ) 
Takashi NakamuraJuly 25, 2015 (theatrical)[27]
August 14, 2015 (online)[30]
Bubu & Bubulina are two sisters who are drawn into a story about a sad ghost. Babu is the younger sister, and can shoot objects from a horn she carries, while Babulina is the older but more cynical one. One day, they encounter a dancing blonde haired girl gloating about how well she can dance thanks to a pair of red shoes she has on. Babulina is unimpressed with the girl, but the shoes catch her eyes so the blonde girl offers them to her to which she accepts. The blonde girl tricks her though, and runs off while a ghost possess Babulina's body. The ghost introduces herself as Audrey, and tells Babu that she was going to dance at this show. She says though that she had died before she could have the chance to perform, and hear the audience cheer for her. Babu initially feels sad, but has an idea. With her horn she shoots out an audience that claps for Audrey which cheers her up enough to keep dancing. With thanks towards Babu, the ghost vanishes along with the shoes leaving a dazed Babulina to wonder what happened. 
28 "ENDLESS NIGHT"  Sayo YamamotoAugust 21, 2015[31]
Kenji Miyamoto, the one and only choreographer in Japan x Atsushi Kamijo, a cartoon artist x figure skating. An animated work in very unusual collaboration! 
"Hisutorī Kikan" (ヒストリー機関) 
Yasuhiro YoshiuraAugust 1, 2015 (theatrical)
August 28, 2015 (online)[32]

In the far distant future... Humans are living in the underground shelters under the complete controlled situation.

"Why has the world gone to ruin, and what have made humans stay in the shelters?" Every day the members of BUREAU OF PROT SOCIETY debate the cause of the fall of the world from the past documentary videos... probably. 
30 "The Ultraman"
"Za Urutoraman" (ザ・ウルトラマン) 
Akitoshi YokoyamaAugust 1, 2015 (theatrical)
September 4, 2015 (online)[33]
In the spring of 1975, peace returned to the universe once more. But then members of the Ultra Brothers started being murdered by someone, one by one. The perpetrator was Jackal the Demonic Space Overlord. Jackal was an alien defeated by Ultraman King and banished to spend an eternity in a black hole. Having returned, Jackal sent his armies to Earth to uncover any Ultra Warriors that may be hiding in humanoid form there. Jackal's minions resorted to threatening to kill human beings held as hostages in order to force Ultra Warriors to reveal themselves. Just when it seemed all hope was lost, a mysterious warrior wearing a suit of armor that obscured his identity appeared from the heavens...
Notes: Subtitled "Jackal vs. Ultraman"; based on the Mamoru Uchiyama manga of the same name, itself based on the Tokusatsu television series of the same name. 
31 "GIRL"  Hibiki YoshizakiSeptember 11, 2015[34]
A music video for the daoko songs "Samishii Kamisama" and "Yumemiteta no Atashi", co-written with Hideya Kojima. The characters of "ME!ME!ME!" appear at the end of the short. 
32 "Neon Genesis IMPACTS"
"Shin Seiki Inpakutsu" (新世紀いんぱくつ。) 
Yūhei SakuragiSeptember 18, 2015[35]
Haruka, Izumi and Ayako were about to live their lives, separated from one another. Realizing she would be the one left behind, Haruka makes a proposition to Izumi. 
33 "Ragnarok" Hello from the Countries of the World
"Sekai no Kuni kara Konnichi wa" (世界の国からこんにちは) 
Kazuyoshi KatayamaSeptember 25, 2015[36]
The Japanese representative robot, demonstrated at the venue of the International Giant Robot Exhibition in Odaiba, goes out of control due to an unknown cause and destroys buildings around the venue. The police and Japan Self-Defence force cannot stop the robot, and the American and Russian robots are sent out to save the situation along with the request from Japanese government and the exhibition association office. 
34 "Robot on the Road"
"Kabi no Robo kara" (旅のロボから) 
Hiroyuki OkiuraOctober 2, 2015[37]
The feeling some encounter and farewell from that journey. 
35 "Cassette Girl"
"Kasetto Gāru" (カセットガール) 
Hiroyasu KobayashiOctober 9, 2015[38]
20XX year, the world was wrapped in deep snow. In the world, the people of dim cold winter had been managing all [THE MEDIA]. 
extra "Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot"
"Kidō Keisatsu Patoreibā REBOOT" (機動警察パトレイバーREBOOT) 
Yasuhiro YoshiuraOctober 15, 2016 (theatrical)
November 23, 2016 (online)[39]
We are not heroes in a robot anime show. As police officers, we protect the city and its people. 


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