Jane Cornwallis

Jane, Lady Cornwallis (1581–1659), was an English lady whose private correspondences were published (in 1842 in London, 8vo).

She was the daughter of Hercules Meautys of West Ham, and Philippe, daughter of Richard Cooke of Gidea Hall. In 1608, she married Sir William Cornwallis of Brome, Suffolk; he died in 1611. Their only son, Frederick, would later be styled Lord Cornwallis. In 1613, she married Sir Nathaniel Bacon, K.B., of Culford, Suffolk, where she died on 8 May 1659.

She was the grandmother Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Baron Cornwallis; the great-grandmother of Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Baron Cornwallis; the great-great-grandmother of Charles Cornwallis, 4th Baron Cornwallis; the 3rd great-grandmother of Charles, Edward, and Frederick Cornwallis; the 4th great-grandmother of Charles, William, and James Cornwallis; the 5th great-grandmother of Charles Cornwallis; the 6th great-grandmother of James Mann; the 7th great-grandmother of Fiennes Cornwallis; the 8th great-grandmother of Fiennes Cornwallis, 1st Baron Cornwallis; the 9th great-grandmother of Wykeham Cornwallis, 2nd Baron Cornwallis; and the 10th great-grandmother of Fiennes Cornwallis, 3rd Baron Cornwallis.


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