Jan Zbigniew Ossoliński

Jan Zbigniew Ossoliński
Coat of arms Topór
Consort Jadwiga Sienieńska
Anna Firlej
Katarzyna Kosińska
Katarzyna Warszewiecka


by Jadwiga Sienieńska:
Krzysztof Ossoliński
Maksymilian Ossoliński
Elżbieta Ossolińska
by Anna Firlej:
Jerzy Ossoliński
Family Ossoliński
Father Hieronim Ossoliński
Mother Katarzyna Zborowska
Born 1555
Died 1623

Jan Zbigniew Ossoliński (15551623) was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman, or szlachcic.

He held the following offices:

Jan Zbigniew Ossoliński was the son of Hieronim Ossoliński, and the father of Jerzy Ossoliński, who was to become Kanclerz (Chancellor) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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