Jan Szembek

This article is about an 18th-century noble. For an early 20th-century diplomat,, see Jan Szembek (diplomat).
Jan Sebastian Szembek

Portrait attributed to Ádám Mányoki
Coat of arms Szembek
Consort Ewa Leszczyńska


Bihilda Szembek

Full name

Jan Sebastian Szembek
Family Szembek
Died April 9, 1731(1731-04-09)

Count Jan Sebastian Szembek (?-1731) was a Polish szlachcic.

Recorder of the Crown since 1699, Deputy Chancellor of the Crown in 1703-1711, Grand Chancellor of the Crown since 1712. Starost of Łomża

Marshal of the Sejm (zwyczajnego) on December 22, 1701 - February 6, 1702.

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