Jan Firlej

Jan Firlej
Coat of arms
Consort Zofia Boner (Bonarowa)
Zofia Dzik (Doliwa)
Barbara Mniszech


with Zofia Boner
Mikolaj Firlej
Andrzej Firlej
Jan Firlej
Piotr Firlej

with Zofia Dzik
Anna Firlej
Henryk Firlej
Family Firlej
Father Piotr Firlej
Mother Katarzyna Teczynska
Born abt. 1521
Dąbrowica, Lublin County
Died 25 April 1574(1574-04-25)

Jan Firlej (c. 1521, Dąbrowica, Lublin County 1574, Kock) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic), and Calvinist activist.

Jan became Great Marshal of the Crown in 1563 and starost of Kraków in 1572. He agreed with the candidature of Henryk Walezy for the Polish throne only on the condition that Henryk signing the Henrican articles. Voivode of Belz, Lublin and Kraków.

Around 1555 he founded a Calvinist church in Kock, and build a family residence there.[1]


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