Jan Daniłowicz

Jan Daniłowicz
Coat of arms Sas
Consort Barbara Krasicka
Zofia Żółkiewska


with Barbara Krasicka
with Zofia Żółkiewska
Zofia Teofila Daniłowiczówna
Stanisław Daniłowicz
Jan Daniłowicz
Dorota Daniłowiczówna

Full name

Jan Daniłowicz na Olesku herbu Sas
Family Daniłowicz
Father Stanisław Daniłowicz
Mother Katarzyna Tarło
Born 1570
Died 1628

Jan Daniłowicz (1570–1628) was a Polish nobleman, voivode of the Ruthenian Voivodeship and grandfather of King Jan III Sobieski.

He was voivode of the Ruthenian Voivodship since 1613, castellan of Lviv since 1612, Great Krajczy of the Crown since 1600, Great Podczaszy of the Crown, łowczy of Belz, starost of Belz, Busk, Korsuń and Chyhyryn. In his youth he fought with the Tatars. In 1594 he participated in the suppression of the Nalyvaiko Uprising.

With his first wife Barbara Krasicka he had two daughters:

In 1605 he married Zofia Żółkiewska the daughter of Great Hetman of the Crown Stanisław Żółkiewski and had four children:

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