James Lillywhite's Cricketers' Annual

Red Lillywhite

James Lillywhite's Cricketers' Annual was a cricket annual edited by Charles W Alcock the secretary of Surrey County Cricket Club between 1872 and 1900. It is generally referred to as Red Lillywhite because of colour of the cover. It was published by James Lillywhite, Frowd & Co.[1] and sold for 1s.

From the 1876 edition it included a frontispiece which was an actual photograph stuck into the annual.

The 1883 edition includes a tribute to James Lillywhite senior who was "the brain which devised the conception of the Annual" and who had died in 1882.

From 1886 James Lillywhite's Cricketers' Annual incorporated John Lillywhite's Cricketer's Companion after the latter finished in 1885.[2]


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