Jamalul Kiram I

This article holds a patronymic name. This person is addressed by his name, Muwalil, and not as Wasit.

Sultan Jamalul-Kiram I Line of succession of the Sultans of Sulu of the Modern Era*, Sultan of Sulu 1823–1844. By some sources his real name was Muwalil Wasit (cousin to Brunei Sultan Nasiruddin whose niece-Mohandun's husband was Brunei's Maharaja Anddin. Muwalil Wasit was the son of Alimud-Din III. The current ruling Royal House of Sulu, Royal House of the 1752 three Sultans descended the present Royalties of Sulu and falling upon the Kirams who first filed the claim over North Borneo-Sabah

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