Camadevi (IPA: [tʃaːmaˈdeːʋiː]; Pali: Cāmadevī; Thai: จามเทวี, rtgs: Chammathewi) was the first ruler of the Mon mandala of Hariphunchai (Pali: Haribhuñjaya) in Indochina.[1]:77 She was the scion of the ruler of Lavo Kingdom, another early mandala. Camadevi gave birth to twins, one of whom succeeded her as ruler of Lamphun and Hariphunchai, while the other became ruler of Lampang.

Her life is recounted in the Cāmadevivaṃsa, a 15th-century epic.[2]

In Lamphun, a commemorative statue of her is located in Nong Dok Public Park.


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