Jaime Álvares Pereira de Melo, 3rd Duke of Cadaval

Jaime Álvares Pereira de Melo
Duke of Cadaval

Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Cadaval; Pierre-Antoine Quillard, c. 1728-1730.
Born 1 September 1684
Died 29 May 1749
Spouse Luísa of Braganza
Henriqueta Júlia de Lorena
Issue Nuno, Duke of Cadaval
Margarida, Marquise of Marialva
Luísa, Countess of São Vicente
Religion Roman Catholicism

D. Jaime Álvares Pereira de Melo (1 September 1684 — 29 May 1749), 3rd Duke of Cadaval, 5th Marquis of Ferreira, and 6th Count of Tentúgal, was a Portuguese nobleman and statesman.


The Duke was High-Equerry of the Royal Household of Pedro II of Portugal and subsequently that of João V of Portugal. In 1713, he became a Counselor of the State and War.


Jaime married twice, first to his dead brother's widow, Luísa of Braganza, natural daughter of King Peter II of Portugal, with whom he had no children, and then to Henriqueta Júlia Gabriela de Lorena, daughter of the Louis de Lorraine, Prince of Lambesc, with whome he has four children, three surviving to adulthood:


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