Jaganmohini (1978 film)

Directed by B. Vittalacharya
Produced by B. Vittalacharya
Starring Jayamalini
Narasimha Raju
Release dates
Country India
Language Telugu

Jaganmohini (Telugu: జగన్మోహిని) is a 1978 Telugu drama film produced and directed by B. Vittalacharya. The film starring Narasimha Raju, Prabha and Jayamalini.[1] The film subsequently made in Tamil language. Jagan Mohini became a major hit and even performed better than the films of big stars. The movie had the best visual effects according to Indian standards at that time. [2]

This is the story of woman betrayed by a king reappears in his next life as a ghost intent on possessing him. On the advice of a priest,the king marries a pious woman who matches her devotional prowess against the ghost’s seductions and wins.


Raja (Narasimha Raju) was a king in his previous life who betrayed a woman (Jayamalini). Once Raja goes to a forest Jaganmohini (ghost) appears to him and attracts him with her beauty. He is married to other pious woman (Prabha). She regains him by praying her Goddess, whom she believes strongly. She is helped by a Monkey and Snake.



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