Jade Spring Hill

Yufeng Pagoda

Jade Spring Hill (Chinese: 玉泉山; pinyin: Yùquán Shān) is located to the west of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China. It was also formerly known as Jingming Palace or Jingming Garden. It is named after the Jade Spring. It is the location of the Xiangji Temple, the Yufeng Pagoda, the Jinxing Palace and the Furong Palace. Jade Spring Hill is the villa area of the Central Military Commission (CMC) today, and is not open to the public.

Jade Spring

Jade Spring is located at the southern foot of Jade Spring Hill, named the "greatest spring in the world" by the Qianlong Emperor (r. 1735-1796) of the Qing dynasty. Yuquan Spouting Spring of eight scenery of Peking.

After the Ming dynasty established its capital in Beijing, Jade Spring was used for royal purposes, and its water was transported from Jade Spring Hill around Xizhi Gate to the imperial palace by cart.

Jingming Garden

In 1680 during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor, Chengxin Garden was constructed on the south slope of the hill, later renamed Jingming Garden. Jade Spring Hill is one of three hills in the royal garden, and Jingming Garden is one of five gardens in the imperial palace.

Coordinates: 39°59′33″N 116°14′33″E / 39.9925°N 116.2425°E / 39.9925; 116.2425

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