Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia
Born (1947-09-25) September 25, 1947
Occupation Architect
Practice Interior design
Design Hôtel Costes
Hotel Majestic
Hôtel Odéon Saint Germain

Jacques Garcia, (born September 25, 1947) is a French architect, interior designer and garden designer, best known for his contemporary interiors of Paris hotels and restaurants.


The Hôtel Odéon Saint Germain in Paris, decorated by Jacques Garcia (2006)

Born in 1947, Jacques Garcia showed a talent for drawing and objects of art at a young age. At the age of eight, he constructed and furnished his first structure at the home of grandparents.[1] Thereafter he attended a school of interior design and completed his education in the applied arts.

When he finished his education, he began working for a firm of contemporary architects, and created the concepts for the interiors of the tour Montparnasse in Paris, Le Méridien hotels, and the Royal Monceau à Paris. He was also the interior architect for the Hôtel Costes and Costes restaurants, the Hotel Majestic, and the restaurant Fouquet's. In 2006, he redecorated the Hôtel Odéon Saint Germain in Paris., He purchased and restored the Château du Champ-de-Bataille in Normandy and undertook to recreate and update the large French formal garden.[2]

He also became an avid collector of furniture and royal art objects dispersed after the French Revolution.

For his achievements, he was named commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, and a Chevalier in the order of the Légion d'honneur.



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