Jacques Denis Antoine

Château du Buisson de May in Upper Normandy

Jacques Denis Antoine (6 August 1733, Paris - 24 August 1801) was a French architect. His masterwork is the Hôtel des Monnaies in Paris, which gained him entrance to the Académie d'architecture in 1776. He is also known for his work for privat castle, like the Château of Buisson de May, in Normandy made from 1781 to 1783 just before the french revolution. His favourite style was the neoclassic architecture.


Jacques Denis Antoine was born the son of a carpenter in Paris on August sixth. He studied with an architect and began his career as a mason. By the time Jacques Denis Antoine reached 20 years of age he had become a contractor. He did not have any formal education as a child or in his adult life. He became an architect during the Louis Seize period. He mainly worked on large scale structures.

He died on August twenty-fourth, 1801, in Paris.



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