Jacob von der Lippe

Jacob von der Lippe

Jacob von der Lippe (27 September 1797 – 2 October 1878) was a Norwegian politician and clergyman who served as bishop from 1841 to 1875 and eight-term member of Parliament.

He was born in Bergen.[1] He was first elected to the Parliament of Norway in 1829 while serving as dean here. When he became dean in the Diocese of Agder he was steadily re-elected from the diocesal seat Christianssand in 1832, 1835, 1838 and 1841.[2]

He served as bishop in Christianssand from 1841 to 1875.[3][1] While serving as such he was elected for a non-consecutive sixth, seventh and eighth parliamentary term in 1847, 1853 and 1859.[2]


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