Jack Solomon

This article is about the American restaurateur. For the American sound engineer, see Jack Solomon (sound engineer). For the British boxing promoter, see Jack Solomons.

Jack Solomon (1896 July 18, 1963) was a colorful gambler-and-sports enthusiast turned restaurateur. He co-founded Gallagher's Steak House in 1927 with Helen Gallagher, the wife of Ed Gallagher (1873–1929).

He would become the husband of two Ziegfeld girls. He first married his co-restaurateur, Helen, after her first husband's death in 1929; after her death from cancer in 1943, he married the florist Irene Hayes.

During the 1940s he owned an estate in Long Beach, Long Island where he raised prize Angus cattle. Buyers from all over the United States would pay up to US$30,000 for a single steer at his annual sale.


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