Jabal Arkanu

Jabal Arkanu seen from space

Jabal Arkanu (also Jebel Arkenu or Gebel Árchenu) is a mountain (height 1,435 metres (4,708 ft), about 500 m above the surrounding Gilf Kebir plateau) and a valley-oasis situated in the Libyan Desert in the Kufra District of Libya, about 300 km southeast of El Tag.[1] and about 70 km west of Arkanu and the two Arkenu structures.

Arkanu's existence had been known since 1892 through Arab sources, but the mountain was explored for the first time in 1923 by Ahmed Hassanein.[1] The mountain consists of intrusive granite. The valley is 15 km long and oriented east-west.[1] The vegetation consists of bushes, grass and some trees.[1]

Arkanu is used as a pasture. Each year the Bedouins bring their herds in the valley, block the entrance (located at a height of 598 metres (1,962 ft)) with rocks, and return three months later to retrieve their cattle.[1]



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Coordinates: 22°12′32″N 24°44′15″E / 22.20889°N 24.73750°E / 22.20889; 24.73750

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