J. Mike O'Dwyer

James Michael O'Dwyer is an inventor who grew up in Muttaburra, Queensland, Australia.


O'Dwyer completed grade 12 education, then went on to be a manager at Woolworths Limited[1] before his inventions were able to provide an income.

O'Dwyer spent 15 years developing a rapid-fire gun prototype called Metal Storm that uses stacked projectiles. Metal storm can fire up to 1,000,000 rounds per minute, or 16,000 rounds per second. The technology is being commercialised by a company also called Metal Storm and was declared by Guinness Book of Records that the weapons are the world's most intelligent and fastest firearms.[2]

Metal Storm requested their shares be suspended from trading on 20 July 2012.[3] As of 26 July 2012, the company was placed in voluntary administration.[3] In late 2015 DefendTex, an Australian-based Defence R&D company acquired the intellectual property, trademarks and other assets of Metal Storm.[4]

An American company Breeze Technology Holdings has in the past attempted to commercialise another of his inventions - air-cooled sneakers.[5][6]


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