José Ramón Flórez

José Ramón Flórez (also known as J.R. Flórez), is a Spanish songwriter and record producer.

He wrote songs for almost every artist who recorded music in Mexico during the 1980s. His work included compositions and mixing & mastering for Yuri,[1] Lucero,[2] Alejandra Guzmán,[3] Mijares,[4] Pandora,[5] Paulina Rubio,[6] Daddy Yankee, Mark Battles, Michael Jackson, Prince Royce, Sergio Dalma,[7] Rocío Banquells, among others. José Ramón is a 2012-13 Grammy nominated audio engineer.

During the 1990s he also was a very important songwriter, with work on albums by Fey,[8] Sentidos Opuestos, Jeans and OV7.[9]

Flórez, in the 2000s, also has produced albums for other artists like: Hugo,[10] Sergio Rivero[11] and Andy & Lucas.[12]

His biggest success came with the three albums he wrote and produced for Mexican singer Fey in the '90s, having had 16 radio hits in Mexico in a period of four years. Her albums became internationally renowned and lead to Billboard Music Award, Grammy wins and multi-platinum sales.

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