Ivan Pavle

Ivan Pavle
Born (1955-03-08)8 March 1955
Nationality Slovak
Alma mater Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava
Occupation Slovak painter
Partner(s) Soňa Pavleová
Žena s líškou - 200x150 - akryl, olej - 2004
Ride B 40x50-oil-1999
Lost day 145x120-oil-1991
Figurante 50x70-oil-2001
Interview 50x70-oil-1995
After bath II 130x160-oil-1995

Ivan Pavle (born March 8, 1955, Galanta) [1] is a painter in Slovakia.[2]


Ivan Pavle and his brothers Matej and Slavomír grew up in a mining town Prievidza where his parents Matej Pavle and Alžbeta Pavleová moved from southern Slovakia. In 1970, Ivan Pavle successfully completed primary school in Prievidza. After graduating from high school of engineering in Tvrdošín, Pavle went to study fine art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and became a student of professors Dezider Castiglione and Ivan Vychlopen. While studying he married a classmate Soňa Oravcová, with whom he has two children. Pavle graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1981 and since then he has been pursuing a career of an artist devoted to painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture.[3]

Style and methods

Ivan Pavle systematically refers to several thematic fields. Figurative painting, nudes, torso and faces covered by masks characterise Pavle’s paintings and drawings. The representation of human body is further reinforced by emphasising the gestures, body shapes in motion and relationship studies of two and more characters.[2] A long term cycle Madon is not only an attempt to cope with one of the basic themes of the large painting of the past, but also highlights artist‘s intimate intention to explore the world around him. Another major and repeatedly depicted theme in Pavle’s work concerns mythology, which is implemented in a never ending cycle of paintings about Babylon, as well as in other art pieces – fictitious landscapes and mysterious characters with animal features.[4] His work is noted for its intensity and distinctive style. Furthermore, Pavle‘s interest to cherish the legacy of the finest artworks of the past encourage him to apply obsolete techniques in a combination with his own specific artictic processes. His extensive work combines knowledge of tradition and respect for the material while also focusing on contemporary content.[5]

Exhibitions and awards

Pavle‘s works have been exhibited in prestigious Slovak and foreign galleries in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Monaco, Italy, Thailand and the USA. In order to broaden up his artistic perception the artist attended numerous creative workshops, mainly in the USA and France, where he was awarded with the Jury Prize at the International Festival of Painting in Cagnes sur Mer in 1989. His monumental and intimate works are represented in many galleries and private collections around the world.[2]

Virtual tours

Ivan Pavle decided to make virtual tours of his exhibitions - to make them imortal. Here is link for two of them.

2015 Slovenské národné múzeum, Bratislava

2015 Jonáš a veľryba, Danubiana, Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava

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