Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky

Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky (1903).

Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky (Russian: Ива́н Миха́йлович Оболе́нский), or John Obolenski (1853 – 28 February 1910), was an Imperial Russian Lieutenant-General.

He served as the Governor-General of Finland from August 18, 1904 to November 18, 1905. His predecessor Nikolai Ivanovich Bobrikov was assassinated in June 1904.[1] As soon as his term as Governor-General started, he received a telegram from an unknown sender, saying: "We are expecting you in the near future -stop- The weather here is +200°C -stop- Bobrikov".[2]

He was a member of a Rurikid princely family, whose ancestors once ruled one of the Upper Principalities. His mother was the Romanian-born princess Mărioara Sturdza, daughter of Alexandru Sturdza. His father was Prince Mikhail Aleksandrovich Obolensky (1821–1886).[1][3]

His term of office saw revolutionary turmoil in both Russia and the Grand Duchy of Finland. The Russian revolution of 1905 resulted in a general strike in Finland and the replacement of the feudal Diet of Finland with the modern Parliament of Finland.[1]

He was murdered by revolutionaries in St. Petersburg.


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