Iuka order of battle

The following units and commanders fought in the Battle of Iuka of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization, return of casualties[1] and reports.[2]

Abbreviations used

Military rank



Army of the Mississippi

Union order of battle at Iuka

MG William S. Rosecrans

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
BG David S. Stanley

1st Brigade

Col John W. Fuller

2nd Brigade

Col Joseph A. Mower

Third Division
BG Charles S. Hamilton

1st Brigade

Col John B. Sanborn

2nd Brigade

BG Jeremiah C. Sullivan

Cavalry Division

Col John K. Mizner


Army of the West

MG Sterling Price

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
BG Henry Little (k)
BG Louis Hébert

1st Brigade

Col Elijah Gates

2nd Brigade

BG Louis Hébert

  • 14th Arkansas
  • 17th Arkansas
  • 3rd Louisiana
  • 40th Mississippi
  • 1st Texas Legion
  • 3rd Texas Dismounted Cavalry
  • Dawson's St. Louis Battery
  • Clark Missouri Battery
3rd Brigade

BG Martin E. Green

  • 43rd Mississippi
  • 7th Mississippi Battalion
  • 4th Missouri
  • 6th Missouri
  • 3rd Missouri Dismounted Cavalry
  • Guibor's (Missouri) Battery
  • Landis's (Missouri) Battery
4th Brigade

Col John D. Martin

  • 37th Alabama
  • 36th Mississippi
  • 37th Mississippi
  • 38th Mississippi

BG Frank C. Armstrong

  • 2nd Arkansas Cavalry
  • 2nd Missouri Cavalry
  • Adam's Mississippi Cavalry Regiment
  • 4th Mississippi Cavalry
  • 1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers


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