Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976

Eurovision Song Contest 1976
Country  Italy
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selected entrant Romina Power & Al Bano
Selected song "We'll Live It All Again"
Finals performance
Final result 7th, 69 points
Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Italy was represented by Romina Power and Al Bano, with the song '"We'll Live It All Again" ("Noi lo rivivremo di nuovo"), at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 3 April in The Hague. As usual, broadcaster RAI chose the song internally. Power and Al Bano would later return to Eurovision in 1985.

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Power and Al Bano performed 13th in the running order, following Spain and preceding Austria. Under the free-language rule in operation at the time, Power sung her sections of the song in English the only time English would ever be heard in an Italian entry until "Follia d'amore" (or "Madness of Love" in English) in Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The performance from the couple was poor, with Power's limitations as a live singer very apparent and matters not being helped when Al Bano forgot his opening lines, which he mumbled rather than sang. At the close of voting, "We'll Live It All Again" had received 69 points (including a maximum 12 from Ireland), placing Italy 7th of the 18 entries. The Italian jury awarded its 12 points to Ireland the 12 points exchange between the two was noted as an oddity, as neither country had received a maximum vote from any other jury. The 1976 contest was a two-horse race with winners the United Kingdom and runners-up France finishing out of sight of the rest of the field, and it was also spotted that Italy and Ireland were the only two countries who did not award a 12 or a 10 to either the UK or France.[1]

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