Italian submarine Michele Bianchi

Michele Bianchi, a Marconi-class submarine, (pennant number BH) was launched 3 December 1939.[1] Its first war patrol was in the Mediterranean Sea from 15 August to 3 September 1940. Michele Bianchi sailed on 27 October 1940 and reached the Strait of Gibraltar on 3 November. The attempted transit to the Atlantic was detected by Royal Navy forces; and Michele Bianchi took refuge in the neutral port of Tangier. Michele Bianchi sailed from Tangier on 12 November and reached Bordeaux on 18 December 1940. Michele Bianchi sank three ships on its first BETASOM patrol from Bordeaux; but the next patrol from 30 April to 30 May 1941 was unsuccessful. After sailing from Bordeaux on 4 July 1941, Michele Bianchi was sunk with all hands by HMS Tigris on 5 July.[2]

Ships sunk by Michele Bianchi[2]
Patrol Date Ship Flag Tonnage Notes
4th 14 February 1941 Belcrest  United Kingdom 4,517 Freighter from Convoy SC 21; no survivors
4th 24 February 1941 Huntingdon  United Kingdom 10,946 Credit for sinking shared with U-96; no casualties
4th 27 February 1941 Baltistan  United Kingdom 6,803 Freighter; 18 survivors from a crew of 69


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