Italian destroyer Nicoloso da Recco

Sister ship Nicolo Zeno at Anchor.
Kingdom of Italy
Name: Nicoloso da Recco
Namesake: Nicoloso da Recco
Launched: 5 March 1930
Struck: 15 July 1954
General characteristics
Type: Navigatori-class destroyer
  • 1,900 long tons (1,900 t) standard
  • 2,580 long tons (2,620 t) full load
Length: 107.3 m (352 ft 0 in)
Beam: 10.21 m (33 ft 6 in)
Draught: 3.4 m (11 ft 2 in)
Installed power: 50,000 shp (37,000 kW)
Speed: 38 knots (70 km/h; 44 mph)
Complement: 173 (peacetime), 224 (wartime)

Nicoloso da Recco was a Navigatori-class destroyer built for the Royal Italian Navy (Regia Marina) in 1930. Named after the Italian Renaissance seaman Nicoloso da Recco, she served during World War II in which she was the sole survivor of her destroyer class. She shot down three Beaufort bombers while escorting a two-freighter convoy on 21 June 1942 off Tunisia.[1] On 2 December 1942 Nicoloso Da Recco took part of the Battle of Skerki Bank, where an Italo-German convoy carrying troops and supplies to Libya was obliterated by Allied naval forces. Nicoloso Da Recco was the only vessel of her class to survive the war, and was eventually scrapped in July 1954.


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