Italian Revolutionary Socialist Party

Italian Revolutionary Socialist Party
Leader Andrea Costa
Founded 1881
Dissolved August 14, 1892
Merged into Italian Socialist Party
Headquarters Imola, Bologna, Italy
Ideology Social anarchism
Political position Far-left
Colours Red

The Italian Revolutionary Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Rivoluzionario Italiano, PSRI) was a socialist political party in Italy.

It was founded in 1881 as Revolutionary Socialist Party of Romagna by Andrea Costa, a former anarchist converted to democratic socialism, after his marriage with Anna Kuliscioff. In the 1882 general election Costa was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in Romagna and he later served also as Mayor of Imola. In 1892 the PSRI was merged with the Italian Labour Party to form the Italian Socialist Party, under the leadership of Filippo Turati.[1]


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