Brissago Islands

Brissago Islands
Native name: <span class="nickname" ">Isole di Brissago

Aerial view of the Brissago Islands
Location Lake Maggiore
Archipelago Brissago Islands
Total islands 2
Major islands San Pancrazio
Highest elevation 200 m (700 ft)
Canton Ticino
District Locarno
Population 0

The Brissago Islands (Italian: Isole di Brissago) are a group of two islands located in the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore close to Ronco sopra Ascona and Brissago. Both islands belong to the district of Locarno, in the canton of Ticino.

San Pancrazio (also known as Grande Isola) is the larger and is well known for its botanical garden. On the smaller of the islands, known as Isolino, or Isola Piccola or Isola di Sant’Apollinare, the vegetation is allowed to develop naturally. Both benefit from the mild climate provided by the lake. The minimum distance from the shore is 1,040 metres for San Pancrazio and 930 metres for Sant'Apollinare, making them the farthest islands from the shore in Switzerland. Both islands culminate at 200 metres above sea level or 7 metres above lake level (193 m).

In the 19th century they were the property of an Anglo-Irishman of the St. Leger family, Richard Fleming, who was married to a Russian-born lady, Antonietta, who developed the gardens at great expense. After the death of her husband the writer James Joyce visited the island and stayed at her house.


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Coordinates: 46°08′00″N 8°44′06″E / 46.13333°N 8.73500°E / 46.13333; 8.73500

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