Isobel of Huntingdon

Isobel of Huntingdon
Spouse(s) Robert de Brus, 4th Lord of Annandale


Noble family Dunkeld
Father David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon
Mother Matilda of Chester
Born 1199
Died 1251 (aged 5152)

Isobel of Huntingdon (1199–1251), also known as Isobel the Scot, was the daughter of David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon, grandson of David I of Scotland, and Matilda of Chester.

She married Robert Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale and through her came the claims firstly of her son in 1290 and later in the beginning of 14th century of her great-grandson Robert Bruce, 7th Lord of Annandale, to the Scottish throne. Her above-mentioned son Robert Bruce, 5th Lord of Annandale was regent and recognized heir presumptive of Scotland in the years just before her death.


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