Island Number Ten Union order of battle

The following Union Army and Union Navy units and commanders fought in the Battle of Island Number Ten during the American Civil War.

Abbreviations used

Military rank


Army of the Mississippi

Major General John Pope

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division
     BG David S. Stanley

1st Brigade

   Col John Groesbeck
2k, 5w, 0m = 7

2nd Brigade

   Col J. L. Kirby Smith
0k, 5w, 0m = 5

2nd Division
     BG Schuyler Hamilton

1st Brigade

   Col William H. Worthington
2k, 4w, 0m = 6

2nd Brigade

   Col Miklós Perczel
0k, 0w, 0m = 0

  • 10th Iowa: Ltc William E. Small
  • 26th Missouri: Col George B. Boomer

   1k, 0w, 0m = 1

3rd Division
     BG John M. Palmer

1st Brigade

   Col James R. Slack
0k, 0w, 0m = 0

2nd Brigade

   Col Graham N. Fitch
0k, 0w, 0m = 0


   0k, 1w, 2m = 3

4th Division
     BG Eleazar A. Paine

1st Brigade

   Col James D. Morgan
1k, 1w, 0m = 2

2nd Brigade

   Col Gilbert W. Cumming
0k, 0w, 0m = 0


   Maj D.P. Jenkins
0k, 0w, 0m = 0


   0k, 0w, 0m = 0

5th Division
     BG Joseph B. Plummer

1st Brigade

   Col John Bryner
0k, 0w, 0m = 0

2nd Brigade

   Col John M. Loomis
0k, 0w, 0m = 0

  • 26th Illinois: Ltc Charles J. Tinkham
  • 11th Missouri: Ltc William E. Panabacker

   0k, 0w, 0m = 0

  • Battery M, 1st Missouri: Cpt Albert M. Powell

     Reporting directly

Cavalry Division

   BG Gordon Granger
0k, 1w, 2m = 3

Artillery Division

     Maj Warren L. Lothrop
1k, 0w, 0m = 1

Floatilla Brigade

     Col Napoleon B. Buford

Union Navy Western Flotilla

Flag Officer Andrew H. Foote
17k, 34w, 3m = 54

USS Benton  

Lt Commander Seth L. Phelps

USS Mound City  

Commander Augustus H. Kilty

USS Carondelet  

Commander Henry Walke

USS Cincinnati  

Commander R. N. Stembel

USS St. Louis (later USS Baron De Kalb)  

Lt Leonard Paulding

USS Pittsburg  

Lt Egbert Thompson

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