Iskender Pasha (governor of Ozi)

This article is about the Ottoman governor of Ozi. For other people with the same name and title, see Iskender Pasha.
Iskender Paşa led the Ottoman victory against the Poles at the Battle of Ţuţora.

Iskender Pasha (Ottoman Turkish: اسکندر پاشا, Turkish: Iskender Paşa; fl. 1620) was an Ottoman commander and the beylerbey of Oczakov (Ozi). In 1620 Iskender Paşa led an Ottoman army, with Wallachian contingents (13,000-22,000) against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the Battle of Cecora, where he was victorious.[1] In 1613–1614 he was the beylerbey of the Bosnia Eyalet.


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