Isabella de Warenne

Isabella de Warenne
Baroness of Bywell

Isabella with her husband
Spouse(s) John of Scotland


Noble family Plantagenet
Father John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey
Mother Alice de Lusignan, Countess of Surrey
Born c.1253
Died before 1292

Isabella de Warenne (c.1253- before 1292) was Baroness of Bywell by her marriage to John Balliol; there is however doubt that she lived to become his Queen consort when he succeeded to the Scottish throne.


Isabella was the second of three children born to John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey and his wife Alice de Lusignan, Countess of Surrey, maternal half-sister of Henry III of England. Her elder sister Eleanor, married Henry Percy and became mother of Henry de Percy, 1st Baron Percy. Their mother died while giving birth to Isabella's younger brother, William, who was killed in a tournament after he had married Joan de Vere and sired two children.


On about 9 February 1281 Isabella married John Balliol, who had a claim to the Scottish throne. The marriage lasted about ten years. The Chronicle of Thomas Wykes records the marriage.[1] It has been established that the couple had at least one child:

However, other children have been linked to the couple as other possible issue:

It is believed that Isabella did not live to see her husband become King of Scotland, so it is likely that she died before 1292, when her husband ascended to the throne. However, some are of the opinion that Isabella did survive long enough to see her husband succeed and then abdicate.



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