Iru Vallavargal

Iru Vallavargal

DVD Cover
Directed by K. V. Srinivasan
Produced by R. Sundaram
Written by K. Devarajan
Screenplay by K. Devarajan
Starring Jaishankar
R. S. Manohar
L. Vijayalakshmi
S. A. Ashokan
Music by Vedha
Cinematography S. S. Laal
Edited by L. Balu
Distributed by Modern Theatres
Release dates
Running time
156 mins
Country India
Language Tamil

Iru Vallavargal (English: Two Mighty Mans) is a 1966 black-and- white Tamil Suspense and action film was directed by K. V. Srinivasan and produced by R. Sundaram and distributor by Modern Theatres . Though the screenplay and dialog was written by K. Devarajan. Music by "Vedha" assets to the movie. Starring Jaishankar and R. S. Manohar was played lead role in protagonist. L. Vijayalakshmi , S. A. Ashokan Thangavelu and Manorama was played key role to the movie.[1][2][3]




Iru Vallavargal
Soundtrack album by Vedha
Released 1966
Recorded 1966
Length 27:37
Language Tamil

Music composed by "Vedha" and lyrics written by Kannadasan.

No Songs Singer Lyrics Length(m:ss)
1 Naan Malarodu T. M. Soundararajan P. Suseela Kannadasan 3:30
2 Aasaiya Kobama(Un Pazhakathin) 3:34
3 Kaveri Karaiyin P. Suseela & chorus 3:24
4 Angey Yen Indha L. R. Eswari 3:15
5 Kadhal Undagum L. R. Eswari Sirkazhi Govindarajan 3:32
6 Anubavi Jora Anubavi T. M. Soundararajan L. R. Eswari 3:15
7 Kuva Kuva Pappa M. S. Rajeswari 3:40
8 Sangadam Sangadam Sirkazhi Govindarajan 3:05
9 Uravirundhal Pirivirukkum 1:05


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