Irina Kotova

Irina Kotova (Belarusian: Ірына Міхайлаўна Котава, Russian: Ирина Михайловна Котова; born November 17, 1976 in Minsk) is a Belarusian painter and graphic artist.


Irina Kotova was born in Minsk (Belarus), November 17, 1976. She studied in Belarusian State Academy of Arts from 1996 to 2002, got a Diploma of Graphic Art Department. She entered St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris in 2003, got a Diploma of Theology Licence[1] in 2007. She studied in the École pratique des hautes études (EPHE) in Paris from 2007 to 2009, got a Diploma in the History of Art, Master. Irina Kotova is a participant of International and Republican exhibitions, her works are kept in National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Embassy in Paris and private collections in Belarus, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, the USA.


Personal exhibitions

Duo exhibition

Group exhibitions

Book illustrations

Irina Kotova illustrated[10] a new English version[11] of the book The Conversation of St Seraphim of Sarov with N.A. Motovilov, published in London in 2010.[12][13]

Presentations, reportings, documentary



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