Ion Marin Sadoveanu

Ion Marin Sadoveanu (born Iancu-Leonte Marinescu; June 15, 1893, Bucharest February 2, 1964) was a Romanian playwright.


He started his education at a grammar school in Constanţa, where his father practiced medicine. He continued at the "Mircea cel Bătrân" gymnasium, from which he graduated in 1908. He continued his education at the Saint Sava National College of Bucharest (1908-1912). He then studied philosophy in Bucharest and Paris. In 1926 he was appointed inspector of the theaters, being subsequently promoted to inspector general and in 1933 director general of the theaters and operas. Demoted in 1940, he worked as editor at the Timpul newspaper (1941-1942) and playwright of the National Theatre Bucharest till 1944. He then was editor of Universul. In 1956 he was appointed director of the National Theatre Bucharest. From 1958 he was also a member of the National Commission for UNESCO.


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