Ion Horațiu Crișan

Ion Horaţiu Crişan
Born 1928 (1928)
Died 1 January 1994(1994-01-01) (aged 66)
Citizenship Romanian
Nationality Romanian
Fields History, Archaeology

Ion Horaţiu Crişan (1928–1994) was a Romanian historian and archaeologist. He conducted research in South-Eastern and Central Europe, focusing on Geto-Dacians and Celts.

Archaeological Site Şanţul Mare, Pecica, Romania, 2008

He has been was very involved with the research at the archaeological site called Şanţul Mare (The Big Ditch), 7 km from Pecica, Arad County, Romania. He placed the Dacian settlement Ziridava, mentioned by Ptolemy in his Geographia,[1][2] at this location with a high degree of certainty.[3] He wrote a book named Ziridava - The digs from "Șanțul Mare" from 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, focused on the archaeological digs performed in 1960s at this ancient city.[4]


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