International Alliance of Catholic Knights

International Alliance of Catholic Knights
Abbreviation IACK
Motto Ubi Caritas Et Amor
(Latin: "Where there is charity and love [there is God]").
Formation 12 October 1979 (1979-10-12)
Founder Leaders of six fraternal societies, convened on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of the Knights of Saint Columba
Founded at Glasgow, Scotland

The International Alliance of Catholic Knights (IACK) is a non-governmental organization made up of fifteen Roman Catholic fraternal societies from 27 countries on six continents. The IACK was founded in Glasgow on 12 October 1979 at a meeting of the leaders of six fraternal societies, convened on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of the Knights of Saint Columba.[1] The organization is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.[1]

The IACK is currently an associate member of the Conference of International Catholic Organizations. The CICO is made up of 36 member organizations, four associated organizations and four invited organizations. These international organizations of more than 150 million lay people, through their respective national branches, are present in more than 150 countries.

Member Organizations

Order Founded Joined IACK [2] Region(s)
Knights of Saint Columba 1919 1979 Great Britain
Knights of Columbus 1882 1979 United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Guam, Saipan, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, South Korea
Knights of Saint Columbanus 1915 1979 Ireland
Knights of the Southern Cross 1919 1979 Australia
Knights of the Southern Cross (New Zealand) 1922 1979 New Zealand
Knights of Da Gama 1980 [3] South Africa
Knights of Marshall 1926 1983 [4] Ghana, Liberia, Benin, and Togo
Knights of Saint Mulumba 1953 1986 Nigeria
Knights of Peter Claver 1909 1987 United States, Colombia
Knights of Saint Virgil 1992 Austria
Fraternal Order of Saints Peter and Paul 1992 The Gambia
Knights of Saint Gabriel 1997 United Nations
Knights of Saint Thomas the Apostle 1998 Pakistan
The Order of Our Lady Queen of Peace 2000 Mauritius
Knights of Saint Thomas More[5] 2001 2001 Belgium

Mission statement

During the constitutional meeting, it was resolved that these Fraternal Orders would found an International Alliance for the purpose of working together for the mutual advantage of the individual Member Orders and the extension of Catholic Knighthood throughout the world. Furthermore, the IACK holds its members to:

The IACK was approved as a Catholic international organization by the Holy See in 1981. By a Decree dated 14 April 1992 the International Alliance of Catholic Knights was given official recognition by the Vatican as an International Catholic Association of the Faithful, in accordance with Canons 298-311 and 321-329 of the Code of Canon Law.


It was agreed that the Supreme Knight or National President of each Member Order would form an International Council which would meet annually (now biennially) and be responsible for the organization and development of the new Alliance and would provide a forum in which the leaders of the Orders could discuss matters of common concern. The Leaders present at this historic gathering are recognized as the Founders of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights:

Year Location International Council President
1979 Glasgow Scotland Tony Rouse
1980 East London South Africa Alan Diesel
1981 Wellington New Zealand Patrick Keogh
1982 Hartford United States Virgil C. Dechant
1983 Dublin Ireland Vincent Gallagher
1984 Melbourne Australia Robert Ward
1985 Glasgow Scotland Walter Downey
1986 Sekondi Ghana George Habib
1987 New Haven United States Virgil C. Dechant
1988 Berg An Daal South Africa Raymond Allam
1989 Dublin Ireland and the Vatican Hugh McLaughlin
1990 Auckland New Zealand Kinney Curran
1991 Rome Italy Dr. George Akabogu
1993 New Orleans United States Paul Condoll
1995 Morecambe England W. Roe
1997 Sekondi Ghana Owusu Prempeh
1998 The Vatican Dr. Edmund Kwaw
1999 New Haven United States Dr. Edmund Kwaw
2001 Melbourne Australia Eamonn Fleming
2003 St Martin bei Lofer Salzbergerland Austria Geoffrey Renner


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