Institute of Commonwealth Studies

This article is about a graduate research centre of the University of London. For the former graduate research centre with the same name at the University of Oxford, see Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Oxford.
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Established 1949 (1949)
Parent institution
School of Advanced Study, University of London
Director Philip Murphy
Location London, England, United Kingdom
Campus Urban

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies, founded in 1949, is the only postgraduate academic institution in the United Kingdom devoted to the study of the Commonwealth. It is also home to the longest-running interdisciplinary and practice-oriented human rights MA programme in the UK.

The Institute is a national and international centre of excellence for policy-relevant research, research facilitation and teaching. As a member of the School of Advanced Study, established in 1994, the Institute works with nine other prestigious postgraduate research institutes to offer academic opportunities across and between a wide range of subject fields in the humanities and social sciences.

The Institute's Library is an international resource holding more than 190,000 volumes, with particularly impressive Caribbean, Southern African and Australian holdings and over 200 archival collections.

Professor Philip Murphy has been Director of the Institute since September 2009.


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