Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon

Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon
Motto L'imagination technologique ("The technological imagination")
Type Public (École d'ingénieurs EPSCP)
Established 1957
Endowment €162.3 millions
President Éric Maurincomme
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 5440
Location Lyon - Villeurbanne, France
Campus LyonTech - La Doua (Urban)

The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon or INSA Lyon is a Grande École d'Ingénieurs. INSA Lyon is ranked among the top universities of Science and Technology in Europe, pluridisciplinary and international, at the heart of the European Higher Education Area.[1] The school was founded in 1957 to train highly qualified engineers, support continuing education, and conduct research and testing. The five-year curriculum aims at training engineers who possess human qualities and are well versed in the primary areas of science and engineering. Graduates from INSA are called "Insaliens". INSA Lyon is partnered with INSA Business School, Barcelona, another of the top business schools in Europe.

The education is organised as follows:

The university is located on the La Doua-LyonTech campus, home of science-related universities. La Doua is located in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon.

First cycle

The five-year academic curriculum starts with a foundation course (preparatory cycle) where students focus on fundamental sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics and Computer Science) and then progress to specialized areas in science and technology. This general foundation cycle aims to provide INSA engineers with a wide range of skills and competencies, thus allowing them to redirect their careers independently of their initial specialization.

Most of the selection takes place during the first cycle.

Some special sections are available:

Second cycle (Masters of Engineering)

The second cycle is completed in 3 years and offers 10 different options.

The three following departments: Mechanical Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering Development, Mechanical Engineering Plasturgy Processes merge in September 2017 in a unique Mechanical Engineering department.


INSA Lyon is the most selective grande école post-bac (i.e. engineering schools recruiting after high school). Students admitted for the academic year 2012-2013 had an average of 16.9/20 on France's national secondary-school (lycée) diploma.[2] Admission may also be granted to top ranked high school students upon their academic records as well as their performance during an evaluation interview.

An international school

The INSA Lyon has a policy of encouraging "international" education with:

INSA Lyon proposes special international sections for its students. These sections allow the French students to study and work with students from other countries.

INSA is highly interested in international exchange; about 600 foreign students from 35 countries study at the institute annually. Total enrolment: 4,500, including 1,000 at the doctoral level. The INSA Lyon has a partnership with about 200 universities.

Masters of Science

The INSA Lyon proposes 10 masters for students that are interested in research careers. This offer directed towards the formation with and by research, is pressed on the 27 research laboratories.

Doctoral Program

INSA Lyon enrolls over 600 doctoral students in its 21 research laboratories.


L'INSA de Lyon is blessed with the largest research funding among Grande École in France [4] .

It features 27 laboratories, 500 Professors, 250 Master students, 500 PhD students and supports 120 Theses each year.

Student life

Since its creation, INSA Lyon has offered its students the possibility to live on-campus and provide various facilities including various clubs, library, restaurants…

Over a hundred clubs have been registered so far.




The campus of "la DOUA" offers many sports facilities that are also available to INSA students. INSA was awarded the title of the best sports university in France. The “Centre des Sports” (sports centre) is run by 18 specialised sports teachers and has four objectives: to supervise sports practices, to run the “Association Sportive” (Sports Association), to supervise students in the top athletes sports section, and to coordinate technological research applied to sports equipment. This association brings together students who wish to specialise in the practice of a particular sport. It runs on the basis of one or more training session per week and participates in the French University Championships Approximately one third of INSA students are licensed with the Sports Association. The Association’s achievements are excellent, with many French Championship titles being won every year. INSA Lyon students are frequently selected to represent the French National University team at the various University World Championships and in the “Universiades”, participating in many of the Olympic Sports.

Top athletes

Since 1981, INSA has been entrusted by the Departments of “Education Nationale” and of “Jeunesse et des Sports”, with the administration of a “Sport Etudes” section (Sports and Studies) called Top Athletes section. 11 students from this section have participated in the Olympic Games. 2 World Champions have graduated from INSA. François Gabart is a French professional offshore yacht racer who won the 7th Vendée Globe race in 2013 and established a new record.

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