Institut auf dem Rosenberg

To Learn To Live Is The Goal Of All Education
St. Gallen
Coordinates 47°25′31″N 9°21′53″E / 47.4254°N 9.3647°E / 47.4254; 9.3647Coordinates: 47°25′31″N 9°21′53″E / 47.4254°N 9.3647°E / 47.4254; 9.3647
Type Independent Boarding School
Established 1889 (1889)
President Bernhard O.A. Gademann
Directrice Monika A. Schmid
Gender Mixed
Age 6 to 18
Staff Ratio 1 to 4 (Staff/Student)
Av.Class Size 8

Institut auf dem Rosenberg (often referred to as Rosenberg), is a private, international boarding school, located in St. Gallen, Switzerland.[1] The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is one of the oldest and best known private schools of the country.[2][3] The 260 boarders from over 40 countries, are taught in small classes and are given individual attention in study and career planning.[4] Most students have an entrepreneurial family background and are prepared to take over leading roles in their family businesses and foundations.[5]

Institut auf dem Rosenberg Main Building
Institut auf dem Rosenberg Campus Aerial


Institut auf dem Rosenberg Main Building Historic

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg was founded in 1889 by Ulrich Schmidt and originally carried the name of the founder, Institut Dr.Schmidt.[6] With the death of the school's founder in 1924, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg was established and acquired by the Gademann family in the 1930s.[5] The Gademann family today owns the school in the 4th consecutive generation.[4] The school's motto, "to learn to live is the goal of all education" (a quote by the Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi), is the basis of the school's educational philosophy.[6]

Academic Curriculum

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg’s boarding students range from age six to 18.[6] The Institut auf dem Rosenberg has a staff to student ratio of 1:4 and average class sizes of 8 students per class.[3] 99% of Rosenberg students secure a university placement after graduation.[4] Some 90% of students at the Institut speak 2 languages or more and 60% of the students speak three or more languages.[4] The Institute is one of very few schools offering its students five different paths of education:[2]

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg also offers language schools in summer[7] and winter months:[2] as well as placement programs supporting student with applications to universities world-wide.[6] The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs classifies the school's Italian section as an Italian international school.[8]

Rosenberg China Winter Camp

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg organises a special winter camp for Chinese students together with BE Education, a leading international education company that organizes similar experiences for Eton and Charterhouse schools in the UK.[4]

Student Life

Extra-curricular activities include tennis, golf, horse-back riding, chess, fencing, water sports, skiing in winter and cultural activities throughout the school year.[2] The annual Rosenberg Ball is the social highlight of the school year. Students perform classic Waltz, modern dance and acrobatic shows in front of a large international audience including their parents. The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is the last remaining school in Switzerland where staff serves meals to the students at the dining table. The students have to adhere to a strict dress code during meals and classes.[5]


The campus of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg is set in 100,000 square meters of private park,above the city of St. Gallen itself.[4] The students are housed in restored art-nouveau villas according to gender and age. Student facilities, classrooms and dormitories are known to be maintained at a very high standard.[2] Student accommodation features single or double rooms with en-suite bathrooms.[6] The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is by some considered to provide unique quality in boarding school accommodation world-wide.[2]

Notable Alumni

The alumni of the Institut include business leaders, politicians, scientists, designers as well as international royalty and members of the imperial dynasties.[4] Rosenberg alumni form a close, international network that helps them in their later careers.[2] The school operates a privacy policy and does not confirm or deny names of current or former students with the exception of Mario J. Molina, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.[5] Other names linked to the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, however not confirmed, include Christopher O'Neill, Gunther Sachs and Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern.


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