Inland Waterways Association of Ireland

Inland Waterways Association of Ireland

Short name IWAI
Founded 1954
Location Ireland
Focus Canals of Ireland and River navigations.

The Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI; Irish: Cumann Uiscebhealaigh Intíre na hÉireann) is a registered charity and a limited company in the Republic of Ireland and also operates in Northern Ireland. It was founded in 1954 to campaign for the conservation and development of the waterways and their preservation as working navigations. The association has approximately 4,400 members which are organised in twenty branches.

IWAI has strong links with the Scottish Inland Waterways Association (SIWA), with an annual exchange. In 2008, SIWA visited Lough Erne, and in 2009, IWAI is due to visit the Crinan Canal.


The group publishes a quarterly magazine called Inland Waterway News (IWN).[1] It contains news about the Irish waterways along with articles from the various branches/ subgroups that make up the organisation.


The group/ its subgroups of the IWAI host rallies over the Summer months annually. Examples of these rallies are: Shannon rally, Lough Derg rally and Lough Erne rally. The Shannon rally would be the biggest of these rallies. It can take part on any part of the Shannon. Rallies such the Lough Derg rally or Lough Erne take place in their respective areas. In the bigger rallies participants pay a fee to take part and can receive commemorative plaque to acknowledge their participation. Participants can take part in competitions held during the rally which could include testing boat operating skill level, rescuing drowning person from the water, table quiz, barbecue, fancy dress competition, music sessions and an award giving ceremony at the end. Some of the smaller branches hold small boat rallies with dingies. These are held more to demonstrate the usage of waterways (where it is being held) which are being actively restored or derelict. Branches that hold these are [Boyne Navigation] IWAI, Newry and Portadown IWAI and Lagan IWAI. This isn't a comprehensive list and others branches may also these rallies. Informal rallies/ groups of boaters can hold their own gatherings throughout the year, referred to as Cruise in Company (CIC).


River Bann and Lough Neagh

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