Founded in 1998, Ingenta provided technology and associated services to the publishing and information industries. Its software enables scholarly, financial and business publishers to make content available to online institutional and individual end users, under a variety of business models.

In 2007, Ingenta merged with VISTA, and Publishers Communication Group (PCG) to form a new company, Publishing Technology plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market. In 2009 the company was rebranded as ingentaconnect.

Ingentaconnect hosts content from over 250 publishers, with an aggregated database of over 13,500 publications and over 4.5 million articles, including both journals and eBooks. The company is headquartered at Publishing Technology Plc in Oxford UK, and has additional offices in Boston and Bath.


Ingenta was founded in May 1998, and acquired the Bath Information Data Services (BIDS), a British bibliographic service,[1] later that year from the University of Bath. The company acquired US document delivery supplier UnCover in March 2000, and became publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange two months later, before going on to acquire Publishers Communication Group (in June) and Dynamic Diagrams (in September). Ingenta merged with CatchWord in January of the following year, and went on to acquire HERON in March 2002.

The company partnered with Google to enable indexing of its hosted full text in May 2004, and launched a new flagship website, IngentaConnect, that October. During 2005, the company's product line was relaunched: new library services include IngentaConnect Complete; new publisher services include IngentabyDesign and Connect Collections. Further pioneering work with Google in 2006, along with research into RDF triplestores, saw Ingenta ranked 10th in the UK industry sector for the R&D Scoreboard published by the Department of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom).

To date, Ingenta has over 300 publisher customers, 25,000 institutional library customers and 2 million end users. IngentaConnect supports over 31 million user sessions and delivers over 1 million full text articles each month.

Technologies provided by Ingenta include:

Ingenta's marketing services are provided by its Publishers Communication Group (PCG) subsidiary.


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