Industry in Finland

Industry in Finland is the second largest sector of Economy of Finland after the service sector. The production of different branches was in 2013 as follows:[1]

Metal industry is divided to several branches. Finnish exports in 2014 included metals and metal products worth of 14.4%, machinery 12.8%, electronics 12% and vehicles 5.9%. Exports of electronics had decreased since the top years.[2] Shipbuilding (Valmet, Wärtsilä) has long traditions. It In 2014, there were eight shipyards in Finland. They employ 20 000 people and export 90% of their production.[3] Nokia and its subcontractors in mobile phones have dominated electronics.

Chemical industry is providing roughly one quarter of Finland's industrial production and exports. It employs directly 34 000 people.[2][4] Neste Oil is the largest company in chemical industry.

Forest industry in Finland is at the moment providing a fifth of Finland's exports, a bit less of all industrial production and 15% of jobs. Its relative importance for Finnish economy has been decreasing significantly since the 1960s.[5][2]


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